Student, Family, and School Expectation

Student, Family, and School Expectations

We have long known that solid partnerships between the school and home are integral to a child’s academic success.  It is important that families know what this partnership entails and that we are clear about what we expect from each other.  


  • Attend school each day starting at 8:45am and attend all scheduled meetings throughout the school day (see learning schedule above)

  • Have in their possession, and will use, a District issued device for their meetings and work completion

  • Participate in their learning, have their camera on, and be attentive

  • No eating during class time

  • Be organized and have materials ready for each subject 

  • Ask questions to their teacher as needed 

  • Complete and submit assignments on time to the best of their ability 


  • Provide a welcoming engaging learning environment for students 

  • Know each student as learners and individuals 

  • Provide high-quality instruction and assignments 

  • Communicate assignments to parents on a weekly basis so that parents can support 

  • Communicate academic concerns and concerns in attendance 

  • Monitor student progress 


  • Monitor student progress and communicate with school and teacher

  • Provide a quiet, organized, and consistent place for their child to learn 

  • Parents should be aware of distractions and background noise that will distract their child and the class when the student unmutes to share 

  • Ensure child is attending to learning throughout the school day 

  • Ensure child is not opening other programs on their computer outside of what the teacher is asking 

  • Review assignments daily, check child’s work before submitting assignments, and ensure child is submitting assignments on time 

  • Communicate with teacher any topics child is struggling to grasp

  • Establish parent accounts for online learning management systems teachers are using to communicate 

  • Respond to teachers and the school within 24 hours 

  • Read teacher and school communications 

  • Assist in supporting students as directed by school or child’s teacher

  • Attend all required meetings 

  • Monitor your child’s progress 



  • Support families and teachers to ensure student success 

  • Monitor student learning and communicate to students’ families 

  • Ensure students receive high-quality online instruction  

  • Provide tech support to families as needed 

  • Help facilitate communication 


California State Education Code Section 48260 states in part that each person between ages 6-16 years is subject to compulsory full-time day school during the time school is in session.  Cases of excessive absences or tardies may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  This is part of the legal system, which enforces compulsory education attendance.  Every absence/tardy interferes with your child’s progress in school.

The independent study program counts attendance based on participation and work completion. Teachers evaluate completed assignments and award attendance credit based on their determination of the time value of the work.  


Students are expected to attend and participate in all live sessions.  Teachers will track student participation.  Student participation Includes the following:

  • Show up to live instruction on time and stay the entire time

  • Have camera on 

  • Participate in classroom discussions

  • Ask and respond to questions 

  • Participate in online classes provided by all teachers including visual and performing arts (VAPA) and physical education

ABSENCES (Online and synchronous learning)

  • Please contact your child’s teacher on the day of the absence by 9:15 a.m.   

  • Students absent from school for any reason are responsible for the completion of all missed assignments. Prolonged or repeated absences, excused or unexcused, deprive the student of the classroom experience deemed essential to learning. Regular school attendance is required in order for the Board of Education to fulfill its responsibility of providing a thorough and efficient education for each student.

  • Any student who accumulates an excessive number of absences will be referred to the School’s Attendance Review Team. 

  • While we understand and appreciate the value of family vacations, please make every effort to coordinate your time away with the school calendar. Scheduling vacations while school is in session is disruptive to the learning process and places children at a decided disadvantage upon their return to school.

  • Please make every effort possible to schedule doctors' appointments outside of synchronous instructional time.

  • Children must reside within the CVESD boundaries or, if they reside outside of district boundaries, must have an inter-district transfer filed with the school before enrollment into the Innovation Academy.  

Excessive Absences and Attendance Review Team Process

Students who receive excessive absences will be referred to the Attendance Review Team. 

The Attendance Review Team Process is summarized:

  1. Students will be placed on an intervention plan to generate attendance.

  2. Students are evaluated for 2 weeks to check for improvements in attendance.

  3. If attendance does not improve, the Attendance Review Team meets to discuss if the Innovation Academy is the right setting for students and students are given 1 more week to generate full attendance.

  4. If a student is absent during that week, they will be dropped from the Innovation Academy.

  5. If a student is not absent in that week, they will be placed back in the 2-week intervention and monitored for attendance. 

  6. If a student is excessively absent in those 2 weeks, the School Attendance Review Team will make a final decision on whether the Innovation Academy is the right setting for the student and student will be dropped if there is no progress being made.